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Featured Artist Spotlight – Emily FitzPatrick

Cayce Garrison — November 14, 2018


Emily is a Big-Apple-based character designer and illustrator. She loves animation, Japanese pop culture, and the shows and video games she grew up with. When she’s not drawing for fun, she works in production for the animation team at Sesame Workshop, where she hopes to help kids grow smarter, stronger, and kinder.


Featured Artist Spotlight – Sye Robertson

Cayce Garrison — October 2, 2018


I’m an artist and designer in Melbourne, Australia. My full-time job is a graphic designer for a large non-profit, but I’m just launched my own business where I work on my personal creative projects. These include creating artwork for apparel (t-shirts being the main item, and my first coloring book, Unwind with Geometry. I also am a published board game designer with three titles released so far. I love color and shape, Piet Mondrian is my favorite artist, his use of flat primary color and rectangles really resonates with me. Like a lot of folks, I have mental health hurdles, and I’ve found creating the coloring designs to be an important part of my ongoing healing.


Pigment Android Support: Cancelling Your Premium Access Subscription

admin — September 4, 2018

At some point, you may want to cancel your Premium Access subscription. Here are step-by-step instructions. This works for both phone and tablet users.

  1. Open the Play Store app
  2. Tap the Options icon on the top left.


3. Tap “Subscriptions”

4. If you’re subscribed to more than one app you’ll have to select Pigment first before moving on.

5. Here you will be able to cancel it. Just tap “Cancel Subscription” and your subscription will not auto renew.


Featured Artist Spotlight – Kim White

Cayce Garrison — July 9, 2018

Our latest Featured Artist, Kim White, comes from across the pond and brings along with her some fantastic designs from her book Doodles From The Den. We hope you enjoy her designs as much as we do.


Kim is a digital designer and illustrator from Bristol (England) that loves to doodle all things cute and quirky – and she’s on a mission to encourage others to explore mindfulness, relaxation and creative self-expression through her playful adult colouring books.


Coloring and drawing were two of Kim’s favorite childhood pastimes, but her real interest in the adult coloring trend piqued when she realized the amazing mental health benefits it had. Not only does coloring help manage symptoms of anxiety and stress, but it’s also extremely fun and can be enjoyed by all ages!


Featured Artist Spotlight – Brandon Sines

Cayce Garrison — May 31, 2018

Let’s welcome Brandon Sines to the Pigment family along with his street art persona “Frank Ape.” His Frank Ape book is a force of positivity and we thank Brandon for bringing Frank to the Pigment community.


Hi, I’m Brandon. I draw and paint all sorts of things but I’d say I’m most known for my original character, Frank Ape. I created Frank in 2011 while living in Brooklyn, New York and since then, his voice has developed into the positive, fun loving ape you see today. I live in Queens with my girlfriend and our cat Spaghetti. I hope you have as much fun coloring Frank’s universe and I had creating it!


Featured Artist Spotlight – Elisabetta Stoinich

Cayce Garrison — May 14, 2018

Lets give a big welcome to our newest Featured Artist, Elisabetta Stoinich, and her incredibly unique book Literary Masters.


Elisabetta Stoinich is an eclectic illustrator born and raised in a small Ligurian seaside village, from a Croatian father and a Genoese mother. Now she lives in Milan with her husband and two children. Painting, drawing and reading old books are her favorite things to do, it’s a pity there’s so little time in a day!


Featured Artist Spotlight – Francine Rodrigues

Cayce Garrison — April 17, 2018

Francine Rodrigues, our newest Featured Artist, is bringing her adorable illustration to Pigment with her book The Lovely Nature.


My name is Francine, I’m an illustrator and also photographer. I live in Canada, my husband and I moved a few months ago and one of the main reasons that brought us here is the contact with nature. Back in my country, we don’t have the opportunity to see squirrels and raccoons walking on the streets.


Featured Artist Spotlight – Rachel Fox

Cayce Garrison — April 10, 2018

Our latest Featured Artist, Rachel Fox, brings her cartoon inspired characters with an interactive aspect to Pigment to see how you add your flair to the scenes.


Hi! I’m Rachel. I’m a dog loving, coffee guzzling illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest. If I’m not drawing, odds are you’ll find me hiking in the woods or swimming in the ocean with my dog Charles.


Featured Artist Spotlight – Stephen Egts

Cayce Garrison — March 20, 2018

Brand new Featured Artist, Stephen Egts, has brought his first ever coloring book, Babesville, to Pigment. Take a minute to learn what inspires Stephen to create.


Stephen is an artist based in Washington, D.C.. When he’s not working at his day job, Stephen can be found doodling and creating art in his favorite coffee shops around town. He enjoys films from the late 60s/early 70s and is always game for anything campy.


Pigment User Spotlight – Bernardine Yantz

Cayce Garrison — March 14, 2018

We love learning about our colorists and hearing what they enjoy coloring the most, and how they like to use Pigment.

Bernardine Yantz is a grandmother living in North Carolina, and she says creativity runs in the family. Her mother and youngest daughter got the artist gene and Bernardine herself was awarded two scholarships at the age of 14 for a drawing she did of Michelangelo. She used to draw or paint anything and everything from billboards to boats.